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.thematic master list of JEALOUS / POSSESSIVE DEAN.

THEMATIC MASTER LIST: Jealous / possessive Dean.
This is a master list of fanfiction that feature Dean acting jealous or possessive of Castiel.

Fandom: Supernatural.
Pairing: Dean/Castiel.

About Time, by rockstarpeach.
It’s almost Christmas, and Dean, Cas and Sam are working a case.  Dean gets jealous over something that’s mostly nothing, and Sam thinks it’s kind of funny.  It doesn’t seem so funny to Dean though, when he’s just now realising something that the other two seem to have known all along. 
A Job for an Angel
, by CloudyJenn.
It's time to send in an expert. Because Raphael may not be a human, but he knows exactly how they think. 
Brother Lover
, by twentysomething.
"However- and it doesn't happen a lot- they have to invoke 'I saw her first'."  
Dean Winchester's No Good, Very Bad Week and How it Actually Turns Out to Be Pretty Awesome, in the End
, by moonlettuce.
In which Dean's life becomes the plot to a rom-com... 
Hey Jealousy, by whreflections.
After the apocalypse, everyone sits back to let things settle for awhile. The Winchesters are trying to take a breather after barely managing to avoid becoming meatsuits, Ellen’s making plans for a new Roadhouse in South Dakota, and Castiel is becoming more human every day. With all the new ‘family’ around and the time to spend doing things other than worrying about the end of the world, Cas isn’t exactly perching on Dean’s shoulder anymore. 

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (But Gabriel Might not Survive the Trip), by phate_phoenix. Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel.
George Herbert says every mile is two in winter. Dean swears every mile is eight with Gabriel. Sam just hopes everyone makes it to Bobby’s in one piece.

I Wanna Take You to a Gay Bar.
Dean,Sam and Castiel are on a hunt that leads them to a gay bar.

Matchmaking for Dummies, by morganoconner
It starts with an angel waking up in Sam’s bed...

Not Usually a Good Thing
, by CloudyJenn.
Five ways Castiel made Dean feel.

This is Not Convenient, Part One, by CloudyJenn. Dean/Castiel.
If Castiel doesn't find a mate soon, the council will assign him one. And Dean's not about to let that happen.

Touched, by aima_d_duragon.
Chuck is writing again and Dean's not too happy with the outcome.


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