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amitiel's WORDS

.Envy is My Sin.

I’m looking at the box set of Supernatural season five and my dvd player has just died. Yes, it worked last night. It’s a punishment, I’m sure, for a number of ills that I’ve done, but could the punishment be something else?? I live in a major city (quiet famous actually) and in a major country. I’m lucky to live here, except for the fact that they canned supernatural. Canned, took of the air, no longer exists on TV. So, I’ve been waiting patiently for the box set. Then my brother’s girlfriend ebayed a copy because the damn thing isn’t coming out in stores till next month. Now I’m looking at said copy and I can’t watch it. All you people who live in a country where they air supernatural, I envy you and offer you my first born child if we could swap living arrangements. To entice you, I live in a country of beautiful beaches and laid back people. But then you live in a country where you have in your homes Dean, Sam, Castiel and Gabriel (who I haven't officially met). Is it a fair trade?

FML, Ami.