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Jan. 12th, 2012

Cheers To The Sexy MOFO

I was hot angel whammed by Richard Speight, Jr.'s profile pic on twitter! Is it me or is he one sexy mofo? Nice welcome back to Twitterland after my trip to Real Life. 

Oct. 31st, 2011

My (Fan) Life in Twitterland

My citizenship to Twitterland has been approved. Don't even ask why I ventured there in the first place. Lets just say it had to do with an owl, the biography of a bi-spectacled kid and fan life. Bonus that Gabriel lives there (and Castiel's ridiculously witty real life counterpart). Well anyway here is my address:

My Twitter: @Ami_tiel (http://twitter.com/#!/Ami_tiel)

Jun. 4th, 2011

Bring Back Gabriel Movement

One of the best and worst parts of the Supernatural television show is the death of Gabriel. Best because it was awesome, heart wrenching, funny and truly one of a kind. How many times do we see a character leave their last will and testament in a porno? None, because Gabriel is one of a kind. Worst because they didn’t bring him back. If there is something wrong you fix it. As we know in the Supernatural world the dead don’t stay dead, so lets support the community that want to fix what is broken in Supernatural – the sad lack of Gabriel. Sign the petition and send the Supernatural writing team letters to bring their attention over to what needs to done – BRING BACK GABRIEL.



Oct. 11th, 2010

.thematic master list of JEALOUS / POSSESSIVE DEAN.

THEMATIC MASTER LIST: Jealous / possessive Dean.
This is a master list of fanfiction that feature Dean acting jealous or possessive of Castiel.

Fandom: Supernatural.
Pairing: Dean/Castiel.

Master List. Jealous/Possessive!Dean.Collapse )

Sep. 29th, 2010

.thematic master list of HIGH SCHOOL AU.

This is a master list of fanfiction that feature the supernatural characters in a high school setting.

Fandom: Supernatural. Gen, Slash.
Pairing: Various. Mainly Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel.

Master List. High School AU.Collapse )

Sep. 22nd, 2010

amitiel's WORDS

.Envy is My Sin.

I’m looking at the box set of Supernatural season five and my dvd player has just died. Yes, it worked last night. It’s a punishment, I’m sure, for a number of ills that I’ve done, but could the punishment be something else?? I live in a major city (quiet famous actually) and in a major country. I’m lucky to live here, except for the fact that they canned supernatural. Canned, took of the air, no longer exists on TV. So, I’ve been waiting patiently for the box set. Then my brother’s girlfriend ebayed a copy because the damn thing isn’t coming out in stores till next month. Now I’m looking at said copy and I can’t watch it. All you people who live in a country where they air supernatural, I envy you and offer you my first born child if we could swap living arrangements. To entice you, I live in a country of beautiful beaches and laid back people. But then you live in a country where you have in your homes Dean, Sam, Castiel and Gabriel (who I haven't officially met). Is it a fair trade?

FML, Ami.

amitiel's WORDS.

.A Left step In My Ten Step Program.

Last night, after I watched Remember the Titans, the first thing I thought as the credits rolled in, was ‘slash it’. Yes, I went on line and searched for slash fanfiction for Remember the Titans. In my defence the movie pretty much slashed itself, not as bad as supernatural but what is? So, against all advice from my doctors that have been treating me for my slash addiction, I’ve decided to put together a master list of Remember the Titans slash fanfiction. Disappointingly there are very few out there and many are not finished. I wonder if this movie were released now, instead of a good five years ago, whether there would be more fics out there. But that’s the benefits that we now reap from the evolution of the web, fandom and slash.

Peace, Ami.

Aug. 20th, 2010

amitiel's WORDS.

.Admitting is the first step.

These days I find myself with very little time for much of anything, but to deal with the everyday demands of a crazy schedule. Real life – completely over rated. As a result of my non-life I no longer had time to read fanfiction and so I put together a couple of lists of fics I wanted to read later. This lead to fandom’s utter takeover of my livejournal. I’ve finally come to realise that I have an addiction: fanfiction. Really, it’s not even a very cool addiction, but it’s oh so entertaining. But I think my family would be a lot less concerned if I was addicted to illegal substances.

Writer's Block: Me, myself, and I

Which one word would you use to describe yourself, and why?


Aug. 19th, 2010


You know a fanfic that fits into a thematic list? How do you contribute?

There’s not much to it.

Where to link the story.

If you encounter a story that fits under any of the themes/categories listed here, just add the link of the story to the comments section of each thematic list. You may find that one story can fit into more than one list. Please tell me if this happens. Write down every place it could go.

If you know that the story has a squeal, tell me. If it is part of a long “verse” it would be great if you can give me the link to the master post.

To you dear author.
Don’t be shy about including your work. The more places you link them the bigger the chances are of people finding them. Just tell me where to put them. Please make it easy for me to find your summaries.

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