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.thematic master list of HIGH SCHOOL AU.

This is a master list of fanfiction that feature the supernatural characters in a high school setting.

Fandom: Supernatural. Gen, Slash.
Pairing: Various. Mainly Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel.

A Brief Glimpse, by CloudyJenn. Unrequited Sam/Castiel.
Castiel is utterly convinced he can't love anyone, but Sam, so when a strange occurrence at a carnival shows him otherwise, he doesn't know what to do.

It's Always the End of the World Somewhere, by scaramouche. Dean/Castiel.
The status quo is this: Dean is the popular captain of the football team, and Castiel is the off-kilter nobody who doesn't so much as breathe the same air as Dean. Then senior year happens and the status quo is shot to smithereens.

Was Difficult To See But You Picked Me
, by bumblee. Dean/Castiel, Dean/Anna.
Dean must face school on Monday after confessing his feelings to Castiel.

I Want You All To Myself
, by Melfice. Dean/Castiel, slight Dean/Anna.
School AU.  Dean Winchester is seventeen years old, two weeks from graduation, dating an amazing girl, looking at colleges, and is probably in love with his best, male friend.  Oh yeah, life is freaking fantastic.

Rebel Rebel, by rosaline_kells. Dean/Catiel.
Dean Winchester has never been a normal high school student. Helping his private detective father out with cases has given him a questionable skill set and a world-weary attitude. Everything goes from bad to worse however when his small town is rocked by murder, and the more Dean tries to find the truth, the more secrets he unearths.

Take a Deep Breath, by sephirothflame. Dean/Castiel, Dean/Gabrie. 
Per entry. Highschool!AU fic where Dean and Gabriel are seniors and Sam and Castiel are freshman. Everyone else will probably make an appearance.

Tonight Will Go On Forever, by bumblee. Dean/Castiel.
It's the start of his freshman year in high school and Sam finds now the perfect time to forge his independence. Meanwhile, his brother Dean, a senior this year, may of just finally gotten tied down.


Is it sad that I've already read half of these? Fandom truly does consume your life!

I'm totally going to check out the others now because it's my OTP!
lol. No I’m the same half the time.

I had every intension to add other pairings to the lists but I swear your OTP is like a disease you can't shake (and it ruin’s your social life :P). I’m glad you like my collection. I’m working to add a couple more lists.
so this is all the high school ones? you wouldnt happen to have a list of just dean/cas fics in general..would you? lol
I’m guilty on not updating this list recently. I will update it soon. A majority of my fanfiction lists are mostly Dean/Castiel, but they’re all divided by theme not general.