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You know a fanfic that fits into a thematic list? How do you contribute?

There’s not much to it.

Where to link the story.

If you encounter a story that fits under any of the themes/categories listed here, just add the link of the story to the comments section of each thematic list. You may find that one story can fit into more than one list. Please tell me if this happens. Write down every place it could go.

If you know that the story has a squeal, tell me. If it is part of a long “verse” it would be great if you can give me the link to the master post.

To you dear author.
Don’t be shy about including your work. The more places you link them the bigger the chances are of people finding them. Just tell me where to put them. Please make it easy for me to find your summaries.


Hi! I saw your comment over on my highschool AU fic, I just wanted to say: thank you for your kind words, and I think it'd totally rock if you ever decide to go ahead with a highschool AU thematic master list. ^_^b
Your stories are full of a ridiculous amount of awesomeness. I meant ever word.